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Yearbook List:

Year  Sponsor
1960Mr. Brian Bruner '64 The first LWMA Yearbook
1961Mr. Brian Bruner '64
1962Mr. Brian Bruner '64
1963Mr. Brian Bruner '64
1964Mr. Mike Cassin '68
1965Mr. Mike Cassin '68
1966Mr. Mike Cassin '68
1967Mr. Mike Cassin '68
1968Mr. Mike Cassin '68
1969Mr. Luis Davila
1982Mr. James Ricks
1983Mr. James Ricks Dedicated to B Company
1985MAJ Ed Guerra
1987Mr. Charlie Brice '87
1988CPT Andrew Erickson
1990COL Bill Jenrette
1991Mr. Matt Russell '94
1992COL Bill Jenrette
1993MAJ Jeff Damron
1994Mr. Matt Russell '94
1995COL Bil Jenrette
1996Mrs. Rita Guerra
1999Mr. Jeremy Neenan'99
2000Mr Shane Hatcher '01
2001Mr Shane Hatcher '01

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